Feeling Stressed? Five Reasons to Make Self-Care a Priority

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So this October edition of Better Than Ever was going to be an article about snacking …

Instead, with everything going on in the world over the past few months, I felt like it was a good  time to write about mental health and why it’s so important to take care of yourself.

And I’m not alone in this: There are people of all ages and backgrounds embracing the self-care “trend” over the past year. All you have to do is look on social media: At the time of this article, #SelfCare had been used more than 3.2 million times on Instagram.

Self-care care has never been more important than now. For the first time since the test was created in 2007, Americans broke the Psychologists’ Stress Record in a January 2017 survey. The devastating events in the world means there’s no shortage of reminders of things to be stressed about with stories everyday online about the most stressful places to live or work.

With stress everywhere we turn, self-care is the most fundamental way to cope. First, you must silence that nagging little five-letter word: guilt.

Last month, I went to a half-day yoga retreat in Philly led by a friend of a friend. The instructor, Helanah, wore a shirt that read “Self-Care is Not Selfish, It’s Sacred.”


Helanah’s T-shirt was a reminder of how often self-care gets plopped in the same bucket as self-indulgent pampering, but we need to reframe self-care as a practice that uncovers your healthiest, most productive self. By restoring yourself, you make yourself a better parent, partner, employee and citizen.

My primary self-care go-to is to sweat it out at the gym, whether working out solo, with a trainer or with a friend. There I’m able to combat stress with ball slams, kettlebell carries, the rowing machine and body-weight exercises. After taking time for myself I am immediately revitalized, with more clarity of thought and calm, which I bring to my personal and professional relationships.

Here’s why I self-care (and why you should, too):


First off, self-care improves what’s arguably your most important relationship: your relationship with you. Second, instead of being stressed, tired and drained, you can be more present in your relationships, romantic or otherwise. How many times have you been in the midst of an argument, only to realize you aren’t actually that upset about the situation that bothered you in the first place? Instead of letting stress wreak havoc on your relationships, take time for a five-minute meditation or deep breathing.


One of my favorite quotes is from the poet, Rudy Francisco: “Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.” Show the world how much you love by lacing up your sneakers and going for a run. … Show yourself some love by making a nourishing meal at home or foam rolling before you go to bed. By putting time on your calendar for self-care (and sticking to it!), you’re investing in loving yourself so you can love others even better.


When we take care of our health and well-being, the benefits are massive for productivity: reduced absenteeism and staff turnover in the workplace, a reduction in healthcare costs and ultimately, a happier workforce. So, taking care of yourself allows you to better contribute to society.


There’s no need to venture off to a fancy retreat to practice self-care. Instead, take a three-hour timeout and de-stress at home with your phone on silent. If you have kids, enlist a friend or family member to help out, so you can truly reconnect with yourself. I’ve done everything from journaling on an airplane to meditation on a train with the Headspace app, to stretching on a towel on my hotel room floor.


Yes, you can shell out money for a gym membership, mani/pedi, massage or boot camp class (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), but you can also use other tactics to self-care. If you find yourself struggling to process a problem at work, take a five-minute break to try some breathing techniques or take a walk around the building.

So consider this: Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a reason to engage in some self-care, think about these tips. And in the meantime, I’d love to hear why self-care is important to you. How do you incorporate self-care into your routine? Post your comments below!