3 Fast & Easy Tips to Walk Off the Weight

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The key to losing weight is to keep it simple. Here are three quick tips to help you start walking. You can start on the day that you are reading this. It’s never too early and never too late to get started.


Keep walking shoes everywhere: in your car, at the office, at home, you name it. If you have more pairs of walking shoes than fashion shoes, you will be healthier! I always carry fitness shoes in a tote bag  but never give up my cute boots. I wear my heels “in” and my walking shoes “out” of whatever my day asks of me!

Tip: Get even more from your walk, and keep light hand weights with your walking shoes. Try a one-, two- or three-pound set for added muscle boost. “The Tone Every Zone Walk” goes over moves for sculpting your arms, waistline and legs while you walk!


Plan mini walks into three parts of your day. You will create a very powerful healthy habit if you plan these around your meals. Aim for a quick 10-minute walk after breakfast, an easy 10-minute walk before lunch and a brisk 10-minute walk in the evening (before or after dinner — it’s your choice!). “Mix & Match Walk Blasters” makes it so easy.

Tip: It’s generally OK to walk after a meal. But if you choose to walk after a large, heavy meal like Thanksgiving, you might be uncomfortable. Any other time you can walk when you want. Walking is  “no rules” fitness!


Plan long walks for the weekend! This is the secret weapon to speeding up weight loss. A 60-minute walk on Saturday and a 40-minute walk on Sunday can be the big burn to get those extra pounds to walk away! Try our “5 Boosted Miles” every Saturday morning to give your week a big burn!

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